Furnished Dining Room

Furnished Dining Room

We got some furniture for our Dining room. We now have a drinks cabinet 🙂 (and a table, sideboard and book shelves): Before: After: Although, it’s more of an office than a dining room now.

Finished Hallway

Finished Hallway

We finished the hallway (i.e. finally got round to doing the skirting board). Before: After:

Our horrid original carpet

Finished the Dining room floor

In my last week before starting my new job we laid our dining room wood floor: Before: After: It took 6 days, £600 and a lot of hammering and sawing. It’s a bit creaky and the room now has a echo but I like it much better than before. I just hope it doesn’t buckle […]

Animal Ass Coat Hooks

Did I chop Cypher in half and mount her better end on the wall while Kix was out? No, I put up some unusual coat hooks:

Upstairs is finished (Aug/08)

At last the upstairs is finished, two bedrooms, a bathroom and now, the stairs. Before: After: Now, all that’s left is the dining room.

Best light ever had to go

I loved this light but it was a disaster. It tripped our consumer unit half the time it was turned on, when it was on it was as bright as the sun and completely blinded anyone in the room and bulbs seemed to only last a few days before needing to be replace. It was […]

Living Room (02/Jun/08)

We’ve finally finished the living room: Before: It is much more laptop and console friendly. It used to have 1 socket, now it’s got 10. It used to have 1 storage heater, now it’s got 2 central heating radiators. It used to have nicotine coloured wall-paper, now it’s got new plaster and fresh paint. Other […]

Downstairs Plastering (19/Mar/08)

We are having the dining room and sitting room re-wired and re-plastered: Before Plastering: During Plastering: After Plastering: After Painting: It’ll be nice to not have to look at the bare brickwork any more. Plus having more than one socket in the room will be a real luxury.

French Door (07/Mar/08)

Since we are having our dining room re-plastered and have stripped the wallpaper, it is the right time to have our window replaced with French doors. We have planned to do it ever since we were looking round the house when it was still on the market: Before: It has made the room much brighter. […]

Progress with the new bathroom (Jan/07)

We’re raising the floor to get a better fall on the waste pipe. Under floor plumbing will hide all the pipes. We’re converting the radiator into a towel rail. The new floor is nice and solid (25mm Ply) The Bath is now fitted and ready. We chose quite a clever design: no taps and a […]

Cable Organiser Box (Jan/08)

We have a charging area in our house where the chargers for our phones, camera, Gameboy and Bluetooth stuff live. It’s always a mess of cables and adaptors so I decided to tidy it up. A bit blue peter – But it’s better than before: Before: After: 1) I bought a box from B&Q that […]

Replacing our roof (Sep/07)

We’re having our roof tiles replaced. It was something that we were told we needed to have done in the survey when we were buying the house. Our neighbour was doing his roof and we thought we’d do it at the same time so as to get a seamless join between the two houses. Our […]

Starting the new bathroom (Sep/07)

After a summer break we’ve turned our attention back to the house. Our current project is the bathroom. So far, we have put in a fan, a bathroom regulations light, a frosted window and we have had the room plastered. Now we need to tile the floor, buy the bathroom suite and do the plumbing.

The Spare Bedroom is Finished (July 2007)

The electrics and plastering and windows were done at the same time as the main bedroom. The only thing we didn’t replace was the original skirting board and window sills as they still seemed solid. We gutted the airing cupboard and put in some new shelves. We painted the room neutral, then bought a new […]