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Interested or not, this is my website. There’s no particular reason for it – I guess it’s sort of a hobby of mine. I created it wayyyyy back in 1999 back when websites were well, rare. I’m a software engineer by trade, so some kind of web presence is handy and it’s in my nature to record and categorise things.

My vital stats:

Full Name: Thomas Michael Fotherby
Age: 43 (20th March 1980)
Nationality: I’m with the George Cross flag part of Union Jack flag
Relationship: Married
email address: Tom Fotherbys email address
Hobbies: In order of frequency: Pen-fu, Computing, DIY, Journaling, Reading, The Diabolo.
Favorite colour: Green
Worst colour: Pink
Favorite animal: Penguins and Ducks.
Favorite food: Peking Duck.
Favorite books: HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy, Dune, Sophie’s world, Harry Potter.
Favorite films: In my 30’s: Social Network. In my 20’s: Meet Joe Black, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Amelie. At Uni: The Matrix. As a teenager: A Life Less Ordinary, Withnail and I. As a Kid: Ferris Buellers day off, Hackers.
Music taste: Always changing but I have never enjoyed music as much as when I listened to Weezer.
Broken Bones: Both legs, at different times luckily.
Phobias: Frogs.
Bad at: Anything to do with tone, beat, rhythm or vocals and speling
Claim to fame: An unconfirmed quote from Steve Redgrave to my rowing coach. “I here your novice boat is quite good this year” 🙂
Anagrams: Thomas Michael Fotherby =>
Comfortably, he is the ham.
Ho Ho! became filthy smart

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