Replacing our roof (Sep/07)

We’re having our roof tiles replaced. It was something that we were told we needed to have done in the survey when we were buying the house. Our neighbour was doing his roof and we thought we’d do it at the same time so as to get a seamless join between the two houses.

our roof needs replacing Our current slates seem pretty old and are slipping off in places.
scaffholding up on our house Being Done:

  • Remove old slates, battens and felt.
  • New “breathable” felt, then new battens and roof tiles.
  • New front guttering.
  • Render join between neighbours as necessary.

Of course, last night, while we had half a roof it poured with rain. I went into the attic to see if there were any leaks but it seemed ok. It was loud though! sounded like I was inside a drum.

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