The Spare Bedroom is Finished (July 2007)

The electrics and plastering and windows were done at the same time as the main bedroom. The only thing we didn’t replace was the original skirting board and window sills as they still seemed solid. We gutted the airing cupboard and put in some new shelves. We painted the room neutral, then bought a new carpet and curtains and choose a wardrobe with a full length mirror on one of the doors. The beds were left over from when my Grandparents moved house (we figured having single beds was more versatile for a spare room). The curtain poles were a wedding present.

bedroom before
bedroom after bedroom after

The best thing about our spare room is that we have a shoe cabinet! (cue Wagnes World quote to scary ex-girlfriend after she gives him a gun rack as an “anniversary” gift) A gun rack… a gun rack. Shyeah, Right! I don’t even own a gun, let alone many guns that would necessitate an entire rack.). Except, I do own some shoes and it’s very zen to have them nicely lined up in a shoe cabinet! 🙂

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