The Bedroom is Finished at Last (May 2007)

We painted and resized 2 bedroom doors, changed the handles and mounted some hooks. We put up a curtain rail, chose and hung some curtains. We Bought a bedroom Hi-Fi which has an alarm clock and we got a dressing table chair. So apart from some art work on the walls, the bedroom is finished […]

Finished Kitchen (May 2007)

I finally got round to fitting a boiler cupboard door in the kitchen and doing the last of the skirting and architrave. I’ve wanted to do this ever since we moved… a before and after pic: Before After Removing the partition wall was definitely a good decision as it made the room a little bigger.

Pure Legato II – 7/May/2007

Our bedroom needed a Hi-Fi with a nice DAB radio with sleep and alarm functions. This also takes a memory card so it can play mp3’s and record radio. We chose this model because we thought it’d match our Squeezebox nicely.

Decorated the Bedroom April 2007

We got the bedroom plastered and we painted the walls and ceiling and fixed some new skirting board. We had a new bedroom carpet fitted and have just finished building 6 pieces of flat-pack furniture. It’s so nice to finally get some upstairs storage space, it’s going to feel so luxurious compared to living out […]

Mended Garden Fence (15/Feb/07)

The strong winds blew down 5 panels of our fence. After winds After fix I don’t like doing unscheduled DIY – spending time doing this has meant less time to spend on the bedroom.

Progress upstairs (Nov+Dec 2006)

We’ve been gutting upstairs, stripping all the wallpaper off the walls and removing the skirting boards and coving: We laid co-axial cable and shopped for some funky light fittings. We got in the electricians to install 7 new double sockets, an attic & cellar light, new bedroom lights and a new extractor fan & light […]

Kitchen wall tiles and Hood (August 2006)

After a long break from DIY (to arrange our wedding) we have made some effort to do the finishing touches to our kitchen. We tiled the wall and window sill and fitted the plinth, edging tape, filler and cornice. The hood was tricky to put up because it had to be supported by our cavity […]

Kitchen worktop, Hob and Sink (September/2005)

We decided we’d go the extra mile and get a real granite worktop because we couldn’t resist the shiny bits of pearl sparkling in the light. Once the worktop was fitted we got a plumber to fit a sink and a tap that we bought on ebay. We got our gas-hob plumbed in and went […]

Kitchen units (August/2005)

We constructed the kitchen units and replaced the handles with ones that we chose ourselves. Then we had to do quite a bit of carcase butchering to cut holes for electrics and plumbing. Before we fixed and levelled the units we got the electricians back in to finish their work. They fitted some smart stainless-steel […]

Kitchen painted and floor tiled (June+July 2005)

We painted the kitchen ceiling white and the walls a colour called “midnight dew 6”, however the difference is so subtle as to be funny. We painted the doorframes and then got to work on the floor. First we sealed it with PVA, then we levelled it with screed, fixed the tiles and lastly we […]

Kitchen plastered (12/May/2005)

We filled in the holes left from removing the wall ourselves and then we got a plasterer to skim the entire kitchen so that it will be fresh and ready to paint.

Kitchen prepared for plastering (April 2005)

Having gutted our kitchen and living with a just a microwave and fridge in the dining room, we got some electricians in to do a 1st fit of the new kitchen electrics. One of the walls was uneven and so we used battens and plasterboard to level it out. We also bought our new kitchen […]

Meters relocated

We got Southern Electric to move our electric meter from an annoying place in the sitting room out the way into the cellar. (04/Jan/2005) We did the same with Transco for our gas meter. (18/April/2005)

Replaced leaking flat roof (03/Jan/2005)

Our 3rd bedroom had water running down the inside walls whenever the weather was wet. I borrowed a ladder from mum and when up on the flat roof to see what was going on. It had a tear in it, so we got it replaced.

Kitchen wall demolished (12/Dec/2004)

The previous owner has a partition wall due to old regulations about a bathroom not being allowed to directly lead onto a kitchen. We decided the kitchen would feel a lot bigger without the wall: Before: After: We also got to work on renovating the kitchen. We removed the old kitchen units and then the […]