Best light ever had to go

Chloe in Venice I loved this light but it was a disaster. It tripped our consumer unit half the time it was turned on, when it was on it was as bright as the sun and completely blinded anyone in the room and bulbs seemed to only last a few days before needing to be replace. It was nearly worth it because it made me feel like I lived in supermans cave but we decided we need something more eco-friendly. John Lewis were kind enough to give us a refund.

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  1. Martin

    Hi, Guys. Not sure what lamp that fitting took, but if it was a halogen-type lamp, then there are a couple of things to remember… When fitting a new lamp, NEVER MAKE SKIN CONTACT WITH THE GLASS of the new lamp… The quartz glass it’s made from is VERY GOOD at resisting heat, but VERY POOR at resisting the salts and body acids on the skin from permeating through the “glass” when heated… Thus a lamp that can last five months will blow in 10 days, unless you use a clean cloth, tissue or cardboard to install the new lamp.

    An exception to the touching rule is the dichroic-type lamp, in which the halogen capsule is itself housed in a large glass reflector and is perfectly OK to handle with bare fingers.

    Also, if ANY halogen lamp has been on, ALWAYS wait for it to cool before going near it… Halogen lamps work at over 200øC !!!!

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