Living Room (02/Jun/08)

We’ve finally finished the living room:

Before: Pic of old sitting room
After: Pic of new sitting room

It is much more laptop and console friendly. It used to have 1 socket, now it’s got 10. It used to have 1 storage heater, now it’s got 2 central heating radiators. It used to have nicotine coloured wall-paper, now it’s got new plaster and fresh paint. Other work includes a soft carpet, dimmable lights, DVD storage space, gas & electric meter relocation, TV socket, Telephone socket – It’s much more comfortable now.

I had to replace a rotten floor joist:

Pic of old sitting room

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    I just made this for the family tonight – carrots, onions and zucchini all came from our garden plus tomato pulp/juice left over from canning. Amazing! The pesto adds so much flavour. Two thumbs up from my 7-y.o. son!


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    Nicola, deary me, when I saw your work tonight at Ascot Fair I thought – this woman knows exactly who I am inside. Deeply touched I came home and reflected on what I have seen. I ve been searching for a long time to find a way to express myself for I know I have something to give. I am lacking believe. I accepted that I am in my 30s and if I was to be an artist I would have become one by now. Tonight i still have no concept as to how to open myself, that child which I myself believe lays in us, asleep and covered in dust. However, what I do have tonight is hope…

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