Chloe and I met on our uni course and started going out in the Easter term of the our fresher year (1999). We moved in together with 2 other flatmates in the 2nd year. At uni we formed a great team. We liked the subject and content of our course but found it tremendously tough and it didn’t give us time to work on our own projects. Chloe and I click because we’re intellectually similar – We finished uni with an identical percentage (bang on 67%).

Chloe is the kindest thing in the world, she wouldn’t hurt a fly. She literally wouldn’t hurt a fly – She’s the strictest vegetarian in the world! Did you know that only some beers are veggie, that bone-China really does have bones in it, that licking an envelope isn’t vegetarian? Chloe knows that kind of stuff.

In July 2004 we’ve got a house together and we’re slowly turning it into heaven. We spend all our time on it – it’s our nest.

On the 20th March 2005 I proposed to Chloe on a park bench looking out to sea in a small town called Whitby on the East coast. She happily agreed, making it the best birthday that I’ve ever had.

On the 10th June 2006 Chloe and I got married in Stoke Row Church on a beautiful summers day.

My favourite kix pics:

Chloe Fotherby
“Chloe Fotherby” – Our Wedding, 10/June/2006

Chloe Cowland at office party
Office Fancy dress Christmas party, 2004

Chloe Cowland in denim
Christmas, 2003

Chloe Cowland on photoshoot 1Chloe Cowland on photoshoot 2
“Chloe Cowland” – Profession Photography session, 2001

Chloe Cowland in Bed
In our 2nd year Uni flat, 2000

Chloe Cowland on beach
On holiday in Corfu, 2000

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