My CV – Nov/08

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Thomas Michael Fotherby

Personal Details

  • Sex: Male
  • Date Of Birth: 20th March 1980
  • Nationality: British
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Email: my email address

Executive Summary

A well organised analytical thinker, passionate about problem solving and software development. Skilled at Object-Oriented Analysis/Design and progressing from problem statements to well documented designs. Track record of increasing productivity by authoring small web-based support tools as and when a need has been identified.


  • Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine (1998-2002)
    4-year MEng: Computing 2:1. (see details)

  • The Oratory School (1993 – 1998)
    4 A-levels: Art & Design A, Biology A, Maths A, Physics B.
    12 GCSEs: 7 A‘s, 3 B‘s, 2 C‘s.

  • The Oratory Preparatory School (1988 – 1993)
    Common Entrance: 7 A‘s, 3 B‘s.

Technical Skills

  • Languages:
    C++, Perl, PHP, Java, SQL, XML.

  • Software Development:
    UML analysis and design, Design Patterns. Experience with the Extreme Programming methodology. Experience with Continuous Version Control System. Previous involvement with customer facing projects.

  • Web Development:
    Database backed web-page scripting in Perl and PHP. Experience with Linux server administration under Apache. Knowledge of HTML, CSS design, XML and dynamic pages using Javascript and AJAX. Experience with the JQuery framework.

  • Platforms:
    Eight years programming experience under Linux. Two years experience of the TPF platform. Familiar with various flavors of Microsoft Windows.

Previous Employment

  • (Nov 2008-Current)
    Since November 2008 I have worked as a senior web developer at implementing new website features, improving the existing design and administrating the company server.
    I am directly responsible for implementing key features such as the homepage, search page, the registration process and the project posting process. Since I have joined I have helped scale the site from 15,000 members to 50,000+.

  • Amadeus Services Limited (Sept 2002-June 2008)
    Worked as a Software Engineer in the airline industry, developing an aircraft departure control system. Worked with a large team of 150 people developing a Linux-based Oracle-backed transaction server based on a three-tier architecture. Involved with a large proportion of the software life-cycle including design, pre-launch development in C++, the roll-out of live software and post-launch development support. Involvement with Linux administration and development of in-house tools including the build environment, code generators, automatic monitoring tools and middleware integration.

  • ArsDigita (April 2001-Sept 2001)
    Used the ArsDigita Community System web toolkit to produce a residential development website for the local community as part of a six month industrial placement. Worked in a open-source environment using the Extreme Programming project development methodology.

  • Various non-computer related jobs (Jan 1998-April 2001)
    Worked various jobs to help fund myself through university: Pool-lifeguard, Bar work and maintenance work.

Example Technical Projects

  • Logviewer Website: Improved and maintained a web-service that allowed developers to quickly search for and extract relevant information from application logs. Extensively used in-house to monitor user transactions. The backend was written in Perl, the frontend was in HTML/Javascript.
    Skills gained: Perl, Regexps, Performance optimisation, User-interface design.

  • Compliance Testing: Designed and implemented a C++ test harness to verify the “airworthiness compliance” of a aircraft weight&balance application by interrogating the safety-critical software algorithms. The framework runs 4000 nightly tests to verify any new code changes and lead to the application being signed off by the Australian Aviation Authority.
    Skills gained: C++, Client interaction, Repeatable testing.

  • Java GUI’s: Stream-leader of an experimental project to develop modern Java front-ends on top of a legacy green-screen application. Prototype software has been demonstrated to British Airways with some success.
    Skills gained: Leadership, Innovation, Prototyping.

  • AirFlite: Developed interface software between the British Airways scheduling system and the Amadeus flight operations software to process schedule messages and communicate any schedule changes to interested parties via Teletype messages. Involved with the complete business cycle including requirement gathering, feasibility studies, design documents, coding, unit testing, integration testing, acceptance testing and deployment.
    Skills gained: Complete software life-cycle involvement.

  • Wingspan: Lead Developer of a PC-based cargo tracking-system including deployment at two MOD sites. The software provides a 24/7 message translation and statistics service. It was a 20,000-line C++ project, running on Windows 2000, making use of Lex and Yacc and some custom communications hardware.
    Skills gained: Visual C++, Lex&Yacc, Installation at client site.

  • Group Intranet Site: Developed an Intranet site as an initiative to fuel documentation efforts within the group and to provide additional maintenance tools such as an online code-browser and Doxygen documentation library. The Intranet site has been useful for ISO 9001 standardisation, new-starters and as an on-call reference library. I have been involved in technical forums to promote Doxygen in Amadeus.
    Skills gained: PHP, Code-parsing, Doxygen.

  • VISSIM: A University final-year traffic analysis tool for urban road networks that allows infrastructure modelling and visual micro-simulation. The tool is 11000 lines of Java, including code to manage XML data and dynamically generate applets for the web. The project was awarded 77% and demonstrated at the university open-day.
    Skills gained: Java, Applets, XML, Real-time simulation, Thesis writing in Latex.

  • 3D Art gallery: Group leader of a five-member University project team to develop a web-based 3D visualisation of an art gallery. Developed a content management tool that allowed the gallery to be dynamically altered and extended. The project was awarded an A and the college invited the team to continue the project and try to turn it into a marketable product.
    Skills gained: Leadership, Team-work, Java.

Current Interests and activities

  • Computing
    Computing is a passion of mine. I’m continuously involved in homebrew programming projects focused around personal information management. I favour open-source software and use GNU/Linux as my home Operating System.

  • Home Improvement
    I am spending a lot of time doing up my house in Reading.

  • Circus Skills
    I am a compulsive pen-spinner and a keen diaboloist. I was in the committee of the University Circus Skills club, helped set up a unicycle hockey team, taught members various skills, and entertained students at union events.

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    My CV – Nov/08