Cable Organiser Box (Jan/08)

We have a charging area in our house where the chargers for our phones, camera, Gameboy and Bluetooth stuff live. It’s always a mess of cables and adaptors so I decided to tidy it up.

A bit blue peter – But it’s better than before:



1) I bought a box from B&Q that seemed the right size to fit a 6 socket power extension inside and felt quite sturdy.
2) I used a dremel to cut a plug-sized hole in the side of the box so I could fit the adaptor inside.
3) I used a drill to make a hole in the top of the box for each device I wanted to have a charger for.
4) I used sellotape on the inside of the box around the holes to stop the cables slipping back into the box.

The inside of the box can be as messy as you like:

2 responses to “Cable Organiser Box (Jan/08)”

  1. FiremanSam

    I am a fireman and I think your box is just a fire waiting to happen!

    Even if it looks tidy, the cables are still a mess.

  2. Plumbers in Wakefield

    I think the ideas quite amazing actually. Why didn’t i think of something like this; however the fire hazard does seem a good point.

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