Tech Journal

New release of Ubuntu – “Intrepid Ibex”

I upgraded to the new Ubuntu 8.10 release and found it included a few improvements. These are some of my favourite: Nautilus now has tabs so you can middle-click folders to open them in a new tab. The included version of F-Spot has had a bug fixed so it now correctly imports comment metadata from […]

Fothofax v0.41 (Oct/08)

Seeing as I have needed to organise my time more than usual lately (because I have more of it!) I made an update to my calendaring software called FothoFax and released version 0.41. It now supports events that span multiple days and has the ability to colour the background of a day. Anniversaries are handled […]

Stitching Photos Together (16/Oct/08)

Hugin works like magic to stitch photos into a panoramic even without using a tripod. After doing the tutorial on the Hugin website, Kix used 3 photos to create this larger one: The funny thing is that, if you look closely, there is a man in the photo that appears twice! This is because he […]

Moved ISPs to (Dec/2007)

We Changed ISPs from “Freedom2surf” to “Be” because it is a faster and cheaper connection. The connection details that Be supply are minimal to say the least. This is because they expect you to use their pre-configured “BeBox” that they send you for free. We didn’t like the way the BeBox looked and we didn’t […]

Xbox software update – Stream video from Linux (Dec/2007)

Microsoft released a software update that expands the number of video formats that the XBox will play. This is quite exciting for me because I usually have to watch anything I download on my unimpressive 15″ computer monitor but now I can stick it on a USB key and watch it on my TV from […]

Xbox 360 – Oct/2007 (Christmas present from Kix)

Our original Xbox (4 ½ years old now) has become too flaky, games crash and DVDs skip. We needed a DVD player and it’d be a shame to lose all our games so buying a new XBox makes sense. Halo 3 took any doubt out of the decision. I do feel suckered into the slick […]

Perl Pie

“How do I change “pelican” to “pecan” in all the files in a directory?”. “Dude, use Perl Pie”! I’m pretty familiar with Perl, having used it on and off whenever there’s a string manipulation related job to be done. I like Perl despite all it’s faults. I like writing Perl (not so keen on reading […]

Finding the Median in Linear time

Here are three C++ programs to find the median of a set of numbers. The first is short and simple. The last is fiddly and fast. Simple but not linear (n*log n time): Sort using STL sort (presumably quicksort), then find the middle value: #include #include int main() { int A[7] = {23, 1, 33, […]