Xbox 360 – Oct/2007 (Christmas present from Kix)

Xbox 360 Our original Xbox (4 ½ years old now) has become too flaky, games crash and DVDs skip. We needed a DVD player and it’d be a shame to lose all our games so buying a new XBox makes sense. Halo 3 took any doubt out of the decision. I do feel suckered into the slick Microsoft marketing trap but it does it’s job as an entertainment system so I don’t feel ripped off.

The online capabilities of the Xbox is pretty impressive, I downloaded a few demo’s but I was disappointed with the fact there is no movie rentals available – certainly a wasted opportunity for Microsoft (I hear they have them in the USA – what gives?). Halo 3 online works flawlessly.

I put my original Xbox on Ebay – it got won with a bid of just £12.50! 🙁

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