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Programming interviews Exposed (Aug 2007)

Programming, 9/10 – Aug 2007 This book should really be kept a secret because if everyone read it before a programming interview, all the good jobs would be taken. It’s an excellent refresher to put you back to fresh-out-of-uni programming knowledge level. It covers Programming Problems, Logic Puzzles and Knowledge based problems with a very […]

Programming Pearls (Jon Bentley)

Programming, 8/10 – Aug 2007 The chapters on algorithms and efficiency (performance, code tuning and space tuning) make this book brilliant. The explanation and benchmarking of the different sorting and searching technique’s (especially quicksort) are almost fundamental reading for anyone that has a programming interview with a top company. Beware, in amongst the pearls there […]

Someone has blogged about VISSIM! (Jan/07)

I got an email from a guy that’s using my Uni Individual project (VISSIM) to model road traffic in his local area. There’s a screenshot on his blog. It’s good to know VISSIM has still got some life in it. It’s interesting to know that it’s still working after being archived 5 years ago. They […]

Ubuntu Linux distribution codenames

I love the wonderful Ubuntu codenames. The new one is called the “Feisty Fawn”. Odd and memorable. Version Release date Code name 4.10 20 October 2004 Warty Warthog 5.04 8 April 2005 Hoary Hedgehog 5.10 13 October 2005 Breezy Badger 6.06 LTS 1 June 2006 Dapper Drake 6.10 planned for 26 October 2006 Edgy Eft […]

The outrageous nerve of Apple

I can’t believe apple put this on their website ( We recently discovered that a small number – less than 1% – of the Video iPods available for purchase after September 12, 2006, left our contract manufacturer carrying the Windows RavMonE.exe virus. This known virus affects only Windows computers, and up to date anti-virus software […]

My first program (6th/May/2006)

I first got bitten by the coding bug by writing a little game on a 486 laptop at school. Not real screenshot It was a much inferior copy of a helicopter bombing game where you passed lower and lower over some sky-scrapers which you had to flatten before you eventually hit them. It was written […]

Is the success in software a function of the IQ of your team? (5th/May/2006)

Microsoft has prided itself on having the smartest employees on the planet yet they aren’t usually the people that produce the best software. Microsoft copy promising software and muscle it out of the market by using their advantage of owning the operating system. The only reason IE won over Netscape was that IE came free […]

VoIP is exciting technology (28th/April/2005)

I’m very excited about VoIP technology – It’s going to change the whole telephony business-model. There are a number of killer-apps for each element of technology, email is a killer-app (even my mum now uses it), Wi-Fi is an up and coming killer-app and I think that VoIP will become a killer-app. I don’t understand […]

My Geek Code

—–BEGIN GEEK CODE BLOCK—– Version: 3.12 GIT d- s++:++ a- C++ UL+ P++> L++> E W++ N? o? K? W(–) !O !M V(-) PS PE+ Y+ !PGP(–) t+ 5? X R+++ tv++ b++ DI– D+ G e+++ h- r++ y+ ——END GEEK CODE BLOCK—— For more info see

Code Browser (2003)

I wrote a “codebrowser” maintenance tool to make things a bit easier at work: A HTML syntax highlighter for C, SabreTalk and S390 assembler programs. A script that uses Graphviz to draw transaction path diagrams to show the program flow through a piece of code. A search tool to find components and files across various […]

Necklace Mods (July 2003)

Rodrigo gave me the idea to make Chloe two necklaces out of a LED and a Capacitor:

My 4th year University Project (2002)

For my final year project I wrote a piece of software that I called VISSIM (Visual Traffic Simulator). It was a tool to try to model and visualise urban road traffic. I proposed the project myself because I was interested in the problems of congestion in London. Although I worked really hard on it and […]

My University Group Project (Summer Term 2001)

The Andipa Art Gallery Project The project aimed to enable a virtual art gallery to be built, decorated and then browsed online. We built a floorplan designer than could be used to add rooms and doors to a virtual art gallery. We build a tool for putting pictures on the gallery walls and to provide […]