Fothofax v0.41 (Oct/08)

Seeing as I have needed to organise my time more than usual lately (because I have more of it!) I made an update to my calendaring software called FothoFax and released version 0.41. It now supports events that span multiple days and has the ability to colour the background of a day. Anniversaries are handled in a standard way (and you can have as many as you like) and editing the data is easier because it is done full-screen instead of the old postage stamp sized textarea. There is a change log in the README file.

screenshot of Fothofax 0.41
Fothofax 0.41 screenshot

It’s not a lot of extra effort to release the sourcecode, just in case someone else may want it. See the Fothofax project page for more info. I guess I should get round to making it a wordpress plugin one day…

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