Someone has blogged about VISSIM! (Jan/07)

I got an email from a guy that’s using my Uni Individual project (VISSIM) to model road traffic in his local area. There’s a screenshot on his blog.
It’s good to know VISSIM has still got some life in it.

It’s interesting to know that it’s still working after being archived 5 years ago. They say that software “rots” when it isn’t maintained and I thought that Java would decay faster than most languages since it’s quite modern. VISSIM is suffering from dormant rot because it does not get any love and care from me (the developer). The software I’m developing at work is currently suffering from active rot – it is losing it’s integrity due to it being continuously modified without proper refactoring. So it seems there can be rot at both ends of the spectrum. Rotting code smells bad, the fettid sludge sticks to the shiny new bits and pollutes them. As a programmer, I want to work in a nice clean environment and so each member of the team needs to do some time acting as janitors and sweeping up the mess.

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