One response to “Case Mod (May 2003)”

  1. Martin

    Hi Tomsie and Cazzer (how many more cutie short forms can Chlozy and Tazzer have?). WOW… What a phenomenally assembled and house-kept site. Absolutely staggering, though, on reflection, completely expected, as you’ve both probably invented HTMLâ„¢, JAVAâ„¢ et al. The suberb attention to the minutiae of fount families, clarity of links and intuitive layout just encourages investigation. Many so-called professional sites are extremely lacking, and insist on so many unnecessary clicks to get anywhere into the site, in part largely due to the tiny amount of information they display on each screen. I presume that that is in the arty pretence of minimalism, but fails to;

    a) get the information across and
    b) to retain the patronship of the visitor past the first four clicks!

    One more case of fashion over function. I’ve yet to click a dead link; all the pages follow the same clear format, with truncated witty annotations, easily assimilated coherence and arresting invitations to peruse ever deeper. Well done for the formidable maintenance that this tome demands viz., the well-ordered date stack, the whimsical satirical observations… AND the fact that I even get a mention re: the gift of {cold cathode} light !!!
    Very well done for your beautifully hand-crafted, expertly organised and up-to-date presentation… Two gifted genii if ever there were. Hope all’s well with you both, all my love… Sma_art!

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