Is the success in software a function of the IQ of your team? (5th/May/2006)

Microsoft has prided itself on having the smartest employees on the planet yet they aren’t usually the people that produce the best software. Microsoft copy promising software and muscle it out of the market by using their advantage of owning the operating system. The only reason IE won over Netscape was that IE came free with Windows. But now Firefox, a Netscape ancestor is fighting back and Google is leaping ahead in the Internet search area. Google is a tough competitor because it’s free to users. Microsoft didn’t buy Google because it’s built around Linux. Linux is causing Microsoft all sorts of headaches. Linux is eating Microsofts market share in the server area.

I can’t wait till Linux is good enough to compete at a desktop level! I predict 2008 is the year of the Linux desktop selling in PC World alongside Windows and MacOS.

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