Book Reviews

The Pillars of The Earth (Ken Follett)

The Pillars of The Earth (Ken Follett)

Fiction, 6/10 – February 2009 1000 pages set in 12th century Britain based largely around the building of cathedrals – sound interesting? No, but it comes highly recommended (33rd in the BBC’s 2003 big read) and in an effort to broaden my horizons I gave it a go. It is based on real historical events […]

Don’t Make Me Think (Steve Krung)

Web Usability, 9/10 – November 2008 It’s strange how much you can learn when common sense concepts are explicitly pointed out. This book is short and easy to read because it uses very simple language but it taught me (a new web developer) a lot. My favourite points: Steve Krung’s Law of Usability – User’s […]

Scorpion Trail (Geoffrey Archer)

Fiction, 3/10 – October 2008 I read this because I had got though all the other books on my holiday. It seemed to be war based so I was hoping for something action packed. Unfortunately, it wasn’t packed with action and wasn’t gripping. The characters didn’t come alive for me and I didn’t find the […]

Brideshead Revisited (Evelyn Waugh)

Fiction, 6/10 – September 2008 The characters are bold and striking and interesting, especially Sebastian Flyte. I didn’t find the book to have a proper story in terms of a beginning, middle and end but perhaps it’s more accurate to say it has too much story. It covers faith, alcoholism, painting, the decline of English […]

In the Beginning… was the command line (Neal Stephenson)

Programming History, 7/10 – September 2008 This is basically a short diary of the thoughts of Neal Stephenson about Microsoft, Apple, Linux and user interfaces. Tech is a hard subject to write about in an interesting way but Neal can do it well and obviously has a rich history and deep understanding of technology – […]

Salmon fishing in the Yemen (Paul Torday)

Fiction, 2/10 – September 2008 This was a very British book, full of quirks and making fun of all of British society including government, politicians, British love life, TV interview programs and “belief in belief”. I found it boring and unfunny. I didn’t like the diary format or the unbelievable love story but I did […]

Joy Luck Club (Amy Tan)

Fiction, 4/10 – June 2008 Perhaps this book was a bit too clever for me? I found following the several different characters hard and always assumed the relationship between them would either be explained or inter whine at the end. I was also aware of some more complex literature techniques being used that I’m sure […]

The Life of Pi (Yann Martel)

Fiction, 8/10 – June 2008 Firstly, I realised with a shock that this book wasn’t going to have a hint of mathematics in it but I got over the disappointment because I liked learning about Zoo keeping and I found a boy wanting to be in 3 religions funny. The extreme situation that the boy […]