Art Galleries get it wrong

Why do Art Galleries not explain their exhibit pieces in more depth? I go there to learn about art and I like modern art because you don’t just learn about art but about society and human beings and yourself at the same time. But some pieces are complex and confusing and impossible to decipher without […]

Wedding Anniversary in Rome (10/June/2008)

I took Chloe to Rome for our “cotton” anniversary where we found some amazing piles of rubble. We walked for miles and miles admiring the very rich history of the place. One of the most striking features of the the city is that every other building is a church. We watched “Gladiator” in our hotel […]

The “In Rainbows” Radiohead experiment

The 7th Radiohead album, “In Rainbows”, is freely downloadable from their website till today only. After today it will only be available as a CD – Or, of course, from file sharing sites. Since it is a free download (they let you chose how much you want to pay – including £0) I had a […]

My first Weightwatchers meeting (10/Nov/07)

There’s no reason whatsoever why I shouldn’t be able to lose weight by eating less, but I can’t, so I have had to resort to extreme measures. I’m going to go to Saturday morning weigh-ins. In my first meeting I was the only bloke so it’s more than a little daunting. Especially as how we […]

Frustrated with Cook book Preparation times

I like food recipes to estimate how long it takes to prepare and cook a meal but so far I found that I can never do it as quick as it says. I’m sure they exaggerate their cooking times? Guess I’m just slow!

My Family Tree (Aug/07)

I’ve been using geni to compose my family tree. I haven’t done any of my own research so far – my first aim is to simply combined the records from my Dad’s side, my Mum’s side, and my wife’s family. I’ve already entered 185 names but only scratched the surface of the archive material that […]

The Flood never happened

Thank goodness the flood never reached us. The only thing that happened was that we had a few inches of water in our cellar and the park got closed off due to a potentially toxic oil leak. So we moved all our things back downstairs and decided that when we buy our next house we […]

Flood warning (July 2007)

Whenever I see flooding on the news I always feel sorry for the people involved but never imagine it would be me. However, last night a lady from the Environment Agency knocked to say that they are advising our street to be evacuated as the Thames is due to burst it’s banks early in the […]

Shortcuts to work

I have found a great shortcut for my bike journey out of Heathrow airport to my office. Instead of following the road, I can climb a disused fire-escape staircase and cut out a big slow uphill loop. I love streamlining travel routes 🙂 I do have a bit of a nightmare on the way home […]

Wedding Anniversary in Venice (10/June/2007)

I took Chloe to Venice for our “paper” anniversary. It’s a very charming place. I like how there’s no cars and how most of the streets are narrow and maze-like. Once or twice we ended up at a dead end with nowhere to go except if we had a boat. I liked the waterways, especially […]

The start of our Art collection

This is only a £20 mass production from “Next” but it’s the first piece of wall art that Chloe and I have bought together. The colours match the room. Our walls are a bit bare so I’m on the lookout for some cheap but interesting pictures. This was the first piece of art that I […]

“What is your greatest weakness?”

“No, I didn’t download you off the Internet, I gave birth to you. End of discussion!” I have been asked this question in just about every interview I’ve been to. If I answered truthfully I’d be committing interview suicide (e.g. can you imagine saying something like “I have a bad web surfing habit”) and if […]

Replacement wedding ring

On Kix and my 8 year going-out anniversary I ordered a replacement wedding ring. I’ve spend more time without a ring than with one on 😥 . I lost my original ring 3 months after the wedding at the Oktoberfest in Munich and it was honestly a pretty painful experience – The sharp realisation that […]