Wedding Anniversary in Venice (10/June/2007)

I took Chloe to Venice for our “paper” anniversary. It’s a very charming place. I like how there’s no cars and how most of the streets are narrow and maze-like. Once or twice we ended up at a dead end with nowhere to go except if we had a boat. I liked the waterways, especially the quiet back-waters. They were much cleaner than I expected, we saw fish swimming around in them.

Chloe in Venice Tom and Chloe hugging in Venice
arty heart We were there for the biennial art exhibition which was vast – we looked round it for two days but only just skimmed the surface of what was on offer. The big pity was that most of the artists didn’t take the trouble to explain their pieces, so much of it went over our heads! However hidden in all the abstract confusion, we found a few interesting ideas.

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