Replacement wedding ring

On Kix and my 8 year going-out anniversary I ordered a replacement wedding ring. I’ve spend more time without a ring than with one on 😥 . I lost my original ring 3 months after the wedding at the Oktoberfest in Munich and it was honestly a pretty painful experience – The sharp realisation that it wasn’t on my finger caused a unbearable searing loss. At the time, I felt like I’d lost the most precious possession I owned, it felt like all the sentimental value of the wedding was wrapped up in the ring and was now gone. I’d lost something that was given to me by my wife and was even blessed by God.
I feel ok now, Chloe was so understanding about it, she completely eased my mind. “Don’t worry hun, it’s only a piece of metal”.

I picked up the new ring on my birthday, exactly 2 years after I proposed. Wearing a ring feels really odd, I can’t stop thinking “what’s wrong with my finger, oh yeah, I’m wearing a ring” (repeat every 15 seconds). I like it.

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  1. Saif

    Hi Tom (and Chloe),

    This is Saif. Glad you got a blog. At least I know what’s going on with you and Chloe… if you don’t know, I occasionally visit your old website just to check out things (not checking you up, though!).

    Sorry about the ring, I can’t imagine how bad it feels since I ain’t got one yet. But I can imagine how comforting Chloe’s words were when she said, “don’t worry….”
    I know it ’cause I worked with her for 6 months. She’s a fantastic friend to have, and for that you’re twice lucky.

    And besides, she likes statistics! For that I admire her no end (since I’m the only other person in this world I know who likes statistics).

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