My first Weightwatchers meeting (10/Nov/07)

weight watcher There’s no reason whatsoever why I shouldn’t be able to lose weight by eating less, but I can’t, so I have had to resort to extreme measures. I’m going to go to Saturday morning weigh-ins. In my first meeting I was the only bloke so it’s more than a little daunting. Especially as how we have to clap when so-and-so has lost ½ a pound.

I feel being over the medically healthy weight just feels like I’m voiding my warranty. 🙂 I’m 18 stone 2 lbs but the maximum weight for 5 foot 11 is 13 stone.

I need to keep the meetings up, apparently “we could still drop a dress size by Christmas!” weightwatchers logo

2 responses to “My first Weightwatchers meeting (10/Nov/07)”

  1. Mike

    Tom, the only pounds you’ll be losing at weight watchers is pounds sterling. The only way to lose weight and for it to stay off is to exercise and eat better.

  2. Martin

    Good for you, Tomsy… You, me and a billion others need some support and inducement to escape the modern food additives scandal. We’re all mysteriously ingesting more salt, fats and sugars yet eating less!!? Why can’t microwave meals and crisps include better ingredients, without the hydrogenated, salty, fatty and sugary poisons that increase with each “New Recipe” they bring out? Any system that makes us conscious of our calorific intake, has the potential to kick-start our brains into checking food labels (as much as we trust their “optimistic ” assessments of their products!) and helping to focus our efforts on retraining our stomach cravings. As well as saturated fats, carbohydrates (potential sugars) are the other thing to watch… What doesn’t get turned to sugar fuel gets converted to long-term fat reserves… Much harder to assimilate as muscle fibre nutrient… A little like candle wax that’s cooled and cannot be easily reshaped into a candle!?
    Keep up the battle, Mate… better health IS worth it, if only for the calories burned in trying!!!

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