Ant Problems

Ant Problems

We get attacked by ants every year but this year we have an extra problem because ants seem to like cat food. Kix put the cat bowl into another bowl and half filled the outer bowl with a moat of water so ants can’t get to it. Anyone know a better solution?

Feverous Tea

Check out Feverous Tea:

Home made Cushion

Home made Cushion

Kix made a cushion from material left over from the curtains. I never realised how complex sewing machines are until now.

Introducing Cypher, Our New Cat (Family++)

The bad news is that we’ve got a cat. The good news is that it’s a geek like us. She’s called Cypher (“Cypher Tarball Fotherby” in full) and cost £50 from a RSPCA rescue home. She’s already spayed and chipped but we need to get her some injections before she can go outside.

Wildlife in the U.S.

We saw a lot of wildlife while in the US, it was one of the best things about our trip. Often the animals we saw were in their natural environment and protected from humans by the rules of the National Parks. These were our top five wildlife encounters: A Bob Cat in Yosemite Sea Lions […]

Car Scratch (20/Sep/08)

I had a small scrape against a stealthed rock which I assumed the car hire company wouldn’t be too impressed with: They actually were very understanding and just told me “don’t worry about it” – I therefore rate Alamo very highly and will hire from them again if I get the chance. The funny thing […]

Swimming through Durdle Door

James, David, and I did an exhilarating swim from Man O’ War beach to Durdle Door beach through the archway. Knackered after the 20 min swim