Sheds need new home

While we did some work on our house we used two 2nd-hand sheds for storage. We no longer need them. Does anybody want to come and take them off our hands?

They are a pair that was originally joined end-to-end as one long shed. One has a door and windows on the front, the other has a door at the end and windows along the length on one side.

Each individual shed has Dimensions:

  • Width: 6 foot 1 or 186cm
  • Height: 7 foot, 5 or 227cm
  • Length: 14 foot, 2 or 432cm

The sheds deconstruct into panels that can be transported on a car roof-rack. But something like a transit van would work best.


  • The roof felt doesn’t transport very well, so the roof would need re-felting when they are re-constructed. This could cost £50 for felt and nails.
  • Moving the shed is a 2 person job.
  • The shed is not in mint condition. It’ll be 3rd hand when you have it. I’m not sure how old it is but it’s more than 6 years old for sure.
  • The sheds ideally need to be located on a flat concrete base.
  • There are also some free standing shelves that you are welcome to either take or leave.

The Sheds are in St Albans, AL3 – If you want them email me:

Closed Bitvolution website

screenshot of bitvolution homepageI closed down my contracting website ( because that is not my gig anymore (and hasn’t been for a long time). I thought I’d archive the homepage and portfolio here, you know, for reasons.

The WordPress theme was original (created in-house, lol). I had open-sourced it and submitted it to the WordPress directory but alas, they didn’t accept it. More detail are at the end of the post.

Here at Bitvolution, we develop websites.

In a nutshell, that means that we sit at our computers all day punching out code for fine folk from around the world. The web is where we’re in our element! We pride ourselves in having the nerdy skills to resolve peoples ideas into websites and solve problems that come up along the way.

If you need a website, we may be able to help. We can develop and support your new site. Take a look at our portfolio of previous work and contact us if you want a quote for your new project.

Factory inputs

code factory

Factory output

Why you shouldn’t choose Bitvolution to build your site?

“You want to be kept in the dark and to give up ownership of your site code.

We are open and transparent. Unlike most other companies we don’t reserve any rights to any of the code or images used to build your site.

“You just want a website and have already mapped out exactly what to do.

We know you don’t just want a website – you want a website that scratches a business itch. We’ll keep at the problem until you’re happy.

Shiny & New
“You want a site that will be out of date the moment it’s released.

We use the latest techniques and software available. We are more agile than larger companies.

“You love wading through the bureaucracy of a big company and dealing with multiple parties (e.g. designers, developers, SEO experts, hosting companies, etc).

We offer a personal approach, just the two of us to interact with directly.

“You have tonnes of spare cash and you don’t mind being overcharged.”

Our prices are very competitive. In fact, they’re cheap! (yes, we know it’s bad to use the word “cheap”, but you can see through all that right?). We don’t have office rent or a receptionist to pay – so we charge less.

How it works

  1. ContactDrop us a line.

  2. Discovery – We ask you some questions about your ideas and figure out the website goals.

  3. Quote – We tell you how much it’ll cost to create or modify your site.

  4. Design – We design a single page mockup and get your feedback – we repeat the design until you’re happy.

  5. Development – We turn the design into a fully functional website.

  6. Payment – You pay us and we publish your site on the internet, supply you with documentation about your site and sign over the copyrights to you.

Our Portfolio

My Employer:
PeoplePerHour is a online freelance marketplace, take a look, you may find the site useful. I have worked in the development team since November 2008. I am directly responsible for implementing key features such as the homepage, search page, the registration process and the job posting process.
Screenshot of the Deanos Tattoos website
Website: Deanos Tattoos
This is a website for a Tattoo studio in Worksop, Nottinghamshire. It showcases a gallery of tattoos done in the purpose built Tattoo studio attached to Deans home.

Technologies: WordPress

Website: Sunflower Cottage
This website provided pricing and availability information for a holiday cottage available to rent in Bulgaria.

Technologies: WordPress

Screenshot of the stoke row accommodation website
This website provides pricing and availability information for a studio flat available to rent nightly or weekly in Stoke Row, Oxfordshire.

Technologies: WordPress, jQuery

WordPress Plugin: Bitvolution Image Galleria
This plugin changes the way WordPress displays it’s in-built image gallery and turns it into something a little fancier.

Technologies: jQuery, WordPress, PHP.

Screenshot of the GIPF website
Website: Greek Island Property Finders
Are you looking for a property in the Greek Islands? Julia and Petros can use the local language, knowledge and facilities to explore and enquire about property that you might be interested in purchasing. We created this website to help showcase some of the property that they are finding.
Heidi is a passionate plantswoman and designer. She wanted a website where her customers could find and contact her and she wanted to showcase her portfolio and post the occasional Blog entry about her gardening.


Website: Soulshaker Productions
SoulShakerProductions provides sound design services for the film and television industries. Bitvolution created this site given an initial Photoshop mockup.


Website: USApplicants
USApplicants is a London-based consultancy offering bespoke guidance for students applying to American universities. Bitvolution created this site specifically to match an existing site that the client owned.


Website: Start a Faith
The brief was to allow users to “explain the premises of their own religion, and to offer it up to the web in concise form. The word ‘faith’ is used widely here: environmentalists might preach about the spirituality of the green mission, football fans might deify Wayne Rooney etc.
WordPress Plugin: Fotherplot
A simple WordPress plugin that can plot values stored in a custom field against the published-on date of all WordPress blog posts that use the field.


We have submitted the WordPress theme that we made for this website to the WordPress theme directory. It is currently being reviewed, so hopefully it will be available to download soon…

Theme features:

  1. This theme is a no-frills fixed-width, two-column WordPress theme. It is based on a central-page with drop-shadow.

  2. Licensed under the GNU General Public License (v3).

  3. Includes Jquery in HEAD – so posts can use jQuery in their content.

  4. WordPress features enabled. e.g. Widget enabled and Custom-background enabled (allows changing background image – uses in-built add_custom_background() function.

  5. Theme options page – allows you to upload your own logo.

  6. Includes Purisa Light font – See blog post for details.

  7. Includes styleguide page to showcase the CSS styles available.

  8. Drop-down navigation menu for sub-pages.

Theme details:

  1. The page content is displayed on a 940px central-page.

  2. The sidebar takes up 25% of the content area (which is narrower than average).

  3. This WordPress theme uses the Yahoo CSS reset and 1KB CSS grid framework.

  4. The page outline drop-shadows use a single CSS sprite image – as described in this blog post.

Extra theme details:

  1. The theme limits the font size in the tag cloud widget – see blog post. This is needed because the sidebar is so narrow.

Often late == Fundamentally hopeful ?

People who are continuously late are actually just more optimistic. Simply put, they’re fundamentally hopeful.

(I’m often late) (I love the waitbutwhy website, it’s inspiring)

Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 LP Low Profile CPU Cooler

I bought a new CPU cooler (“Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 LP Low Profile CPU Cooler“) for our media center PC but unfortunately it didn’t fit on the motherboard (ASUS P5N7A-VM) even though it is the correct CPU socket type (“Intel socket 775“).

It wouldn’t sit on the CPU properly because some capacitors on the motherboard got in the way of the cooling fins. It was also very hard to to install the motherboard anchors that the fan screws into. Be sure to avoid this fan on this motherboard.

Halo Reach

Xbox 360, FPS, 9/10

High quality, fun game.
There was a short space scene which I think they pulled off quite well, if just to show-case the incredible space-scene graphics.
I don’t like the continuing trend of sad endings 🙁 .