Sheds need new home

While we did some work on our house we used two 2nd-hand sheds for storage. We no longer need them. Does anybody want to come and take them off our hands?

They are a pair that was originally joined end-to-end as one long shed. One has a door and windows on the front, the other has a door at the end and windows along the length on one side.

Each individual shed has Dimensions:

  • Width: 6 foot 1 or 186cm
  • Height: 7 foot, 5 or 227cm
  • Length: 14 foot, 2 or 432cm

The sheds deconstruct into panels that can be transported on a car roof-rack. But something like a transit van would work best.


  • The roof felt doesn’t transport very well, so the roof would need re-felting when they are re-constructed. This could cost £50 for felt and nails.
  • Moving the shed is a 2 person job.
  • The shed is not in mint condition. It’ll be 3rd hand when you have it. I’m not sure how old it is but it’s more than 6 years old for sure.
  • The sheds ideally need to be located on a flat concrete base.
  • There are also some free standing shelves that you are welcome to either take or leave.

The Sheds are in St Albans, AL3 – If you want them email me:

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