3 responses to “Using a Linksys WRT54G to extend a wireless network from a Apple Time Capsule”

  1. Sma_art!

    says; Damn, you’ve managed to circumvent Apple®’s sealed ecosystem where you don’t just buy an Apple® product, but you blood-swear allegiance into the family of the cult!
    Bloody pretty designs, though!

  2. Phillip

    Hi. I am doing the exact thing you did except (I don’t know if you’ve successfully tried) I can’t log into my secondary router. I can connect to the Internet through it, but I can’t seem to log into it once I type in in my browser. I figure it has something to do with my subnet mask, gateway, and local dns. I was wondering if you could help me figure it out by seeing which numbers you inputted for your subnet mask, gateway, and local dns meaning where or how did you know which numbers to put in there. It’s killing me!

  3. Phillip

    Nevermind! I goofed up! Fixed 🙂

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