3 responses to “Matter (Ian M Banks)”

  1. Rob

    Recently I re-read Consider Phlebas. Pretty amazing stuff. I reckon it’s my favourite Banks novel just for sheer scale and also for how convincing I find the main character. Maybe I’ll read Player of Games again soon too… (Am reading Babylon 5 Techno-mage saga again right now:-)

  2. Tom

    I enjoyed Consider Phlebas, although I found the scene with the cannibalism a bit too gruesome to bear. I love the names of the culture ships, e.g. “Don’t Try This At Home”, “Experiencing A Significant Gravitas Shortfall”, “Lightly Seared on the Reality Grill”, “You’ll Clean That Up Before You Leave”, etc.

    I should make more time for reading – Podcasts are crowding that space nowadays.

  3. James

    Matter was great – the build up and tension was good, but I’m getting really rather tired of Bank’s propensity for killing of his major characters. Tends to really destroy your satisfaction at the end of the story.

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