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Shortcuts to work

I have found a great shortcut for my bike journey out of Heathrow airport to my office. Instead of following the road, I can climb a disused fire-escape staircase and cut out a big slow uphill loop. I love streamlining travel routes 🙂 I do have a bit of a nightmare on the way home […]

Kane and Abel (Jeffrey Archer)

Fiction, 8/10 – June 2007 I had heard of Jeffrey Archer from various political scandals in the news and I was curious to read one of his books. Kane and Abel considerably raised my opinion of him because I really enjoyed it (apart from the monstrous death of Wladeks sister in the castles prison which […]

Wedding Anniversary in Venice (10/June/2007)

I took Chloe to Venice for our “paper” anniversary. It’s a very charming place. I like how there’s no cars and how most of the streets are narrow and maze-like. Once or twice we ended up at a dead end with nowhere to go except if we had a boat. I liked the waterways, especially […]

Two New Bikes – 3/June/2007

Dahon D7 Folding bike My company started a government sponsored scheme called “bike to work” which gives a significant discount on bicycles as long as they are used for getting to work. I chose an entry level folding bike and also a large frame mountain-bike. I have been thinking about how to streamline my commute […]