Kane and Abel (Jeffrey Archer)

Fiction, 8/10 – June 2007

I had heard of Jeffrey Archer from various political scandals in the news and I was curious to read one of his books. Kane and Abel considerably raised my opinion of him because I really enjoyed it (apart from the monstrous death of Wladeks sister in the castles prison which was so disturbing that it nearly made me put the book down for good).

I enjoyed the drive and determination that was shared by both characters. I also liked how the book spanned 60 years rather than most books I have read that only focus on a small chapter or event in the characters lives. It’s nice reading about how people grow up and change as they mature.

I guess that some people are on Abel’s side and others on Kane’s. I desperately wanted them to be friends but I think I’d choose Kane’s side if pushed.

Any book that you can’t put out of you mind in between reading sessions and for a few days after you finish is a good investment of time by my judgement.

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