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A Certain Chemistry (Mil Millington)

Fiction, 3/10 – April 2007 It’s a light-hearted read about the temptation and pain of infidelity. Tom Cartwright, a ghost-writer living in Edinburgh, throws away his girlfriend of 5 years, to chase a unrealistic dream. The characters in the book have a number of brilliantly described personality flaws which I could laugh at but otherwise, […]

Decorated the Bedroom April 2007

We got the bedroom plastered and we painted the walls and ceiling and fixed some new skirting board. We had a new bedroom carpet fitted and have just finished building 6 pieces of flat-pack furniture. It’s so nice to finally get some upstairs storage space, it’s going to feel so luxurious compared to living out […]

The start of our Art collection

This is only a £20 mass production from “Next” but it’s the first piece of wall art that Chloe and I have bought together. The colours match the room. Our walls are a bit bare so I’m on the lookout for some cheap but interesting pictures. This was the first piece of art that I […]


Wii,Microgame,5/10 – March 2007 This crazy game is perfectly suited for getting to know the Wii. It is designed around thinking of all the different ways the Wiimote can be used. Each level is split into 5 second long microgames which begin with asking you hold the Wiimote in a certain way. The main challenge […]

“What is your greatest weakness?”

“No, I didn’t download you off the Internet, I gave birth to you. End of discussion!” I have been asked this question in just about every interview I’ve been to. If I answered truthfully I’d be committing interview suicide (e.g. can you imagine saying something like “I have a bad web surfing habit”) and if […]

Wii Sports

Wii,Sports,7/10 – April 2007 Wii Sports comes bundled with the Wii console – It has Tennis, Bowling, Boxing, Baseball and Golf. It is completely amazing how intuitive it is to use the Wiimote to play the game. You really don’t need to explain the controls to a new-comer, whether they are 6 or 56. I’m […]