Wii,Microgame,5/10March 2007
This crazy game is perfectly suited for getting to know the Wii. It is designed around thinking of all the different ways the Wiimote can be used. Each level is split into 5 second long microgames which begin with asking you hold the Wiimote in a certain way. The main challenge of each minigame is to figure out what you are supposed to do within the time frame. For example: your asked to hold the Wiimote like a pencil, then shown a picture of a pencil and a sharper and the clock starts ticking – You have to work out that your supposed to twissle the Wiimote around to sharpen the pencil. If successful, you’re quickly moved onto the next challenge.

screenshot of Warioware - smooth moves Other microgame examples include flying a paper airplane, driving a car, slicing a piece of bamboo, balancing a stick, sorting objects into piles, etc. The image shows a game where you have to balance a stick by moving the Wiimote forwards or backwards or side to side.

Beware, the storyline is totally nuts.

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