Wii Sports

Wii,Sports,7/10April 2007

Wii Sports comes bundled with the Wii console – It has Tennis, Bowling, Boxing, Baseball and Golf.

It is completely amazing how intuitive it is to use the Wiimote to play the game. You really don’t need to explain the controls to a new-comer, whether they are 6 or 56.

I’m not a fan of the boxing, golf or baseball but the bowling and tennis are ace. Playing 4 player tennis is hilarious. You don’t control the movement of the players, instead you have to master your swing. Timing is most important, then the angle of the bat when you hit the ball. Hit early to play cross court, or wait till the ball is almost past you to push it down the line. Becoming accurate takes practice because the play is quite subtle. For example, you can even put spin on the ball by twisting the wiimote as you hit the ball.

Good exercise? No, but better than other tennis games I guess.

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