A Certain Chemistry (Mil Millington)

Fiction, 3/10 – April 2007

It’s a light-hearted read about the temptation and pain of infidelity. Tom Cartwright, a ghost-writer living in Edinburgh, throws away his girlfriend of 5 years, to chase a unrealistic dream. The characters in the book have a number of brilliantly described personality flaws which I could laugh at but otherwise, there didn’t seem much point to the book. In fact, God makes several appearances just to remind us that love is just chemistry and chemistry that he isn’t proud of at that.

The parts I liked:

  • I liked all the excuses and quick-thinking that Tom had to do when trying to cover up his affair. e.g. “How did you get that bruise?” “I fell over a tramp”.
  • I thought the book conveyed Sara’s hidden intelligence very well.
  • I thought the description of pain that Tom felt when he realised how much a fool he had been was vivid and imaginable.
  • Toms agent, Ami the drunk, was entertaining.
  • I thought the ending was satisfying.
  • I liked Saras cooking. e.g. ice cream and fried eggs.

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