The Silver Chair (C.S.Lewis)

Fantasy, 7/10 – February 2006

This 6th adventure in Narnia is taken by Eustace from the last book and a new character called Jill Pole. They get a break from school and are given a task by Aslam. The children and the reader are taught that appearances can be deceptive and even those who look good on the outside can have evil in their hearts. The title of the book only makes sense near the end.

There’s two actually quite spooky bits that would have kept me awake at night when I was a child especially as the Narnia books have little illustrations that help enliven the story and characters. I did have a juvenile snigger at some of the old-fashioned words like “funk” and especially about the “gay” behaviour of Jill. I quote: “Though her tongue was never still, you could hardly say she talked: she prattled and giggled. She made love to everyone – the grooms, the porters, the housemaids, the ladies-in-waiting, and the elderly giant lords whose hunting days were past.” I know I need to grow up! This book is a good adventure, even if it did have a frog for a main character (kind of).

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