Mario Kart DS

DS,Battle Racing,9/10January 2006

This is my first WIFI game. What this means is I can play 3 other REAL people from anywhere in my house. They might be in America, Europe, Mongolia, it doesn’t matter, what matters is that they are a so much more worthy and fun opponent than a AI simulation. It’s totally magic and doesn’t cost a penny. Admittedly, I have played against a few people who switch their gameboy off if they are about to lose – a pox on their character.

As for the single player part, I don’t think any Mario Kart fan could be disappointed, it’s exactly want you’d expect. There are the normal three engine sizes (50cc, 100cc and 150cc) with 16 new race tracks and 16 classic race tracks from the previous Mario kart games (SNES, N64 and the Gamecube). Nintendo brought back the ability to make your kart ‘hop’ when power-sliding round corners (or to get more height from jumps). Plus there’s the spark-boost from the Gamecube version where you can boost from staying in someone’s slipstream long enough. It’s a must have DS game.

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  1. Adam

    You will have the play the latest mario kart on the nintendo 3ds…it comes out this December.

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