The Last Battle (C.S.Lewis)

Fantasy, 6/10 – February 2006

This is the final book of the chronicles and it really needs to be read last because it gives away all the secrets and has a fantastic, chilling ending. I’ve known about the Christian sub-plot all along but it is confirmed in this book. It turns out that Aslan is God, he created Narnia and at the end of this book he destroys Narnia and judges all. Furthermore, only the faithful get to go to his heaven.

I thought it all beautiful except for two things. Firstly, the baddies are distinctly Middle-Eastern who are known as “darkies” and worship an “evil” God and secondly, poor Susan is left without friends or family but nobody seems to care at all! (she isn’t Christian enough in her teenage years?). I think the book can be enjoyed more if you don’t think that it’s trying to teach you a Christian message and is just about magic and battles and fantasy.

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