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  1. Martin

    Dear Tom & Co.-You FACE a MOUNTAIN problem and an UPHILL challenge, but by being a ROCK and a little BOULDER, you’ll be SCENE to reach your PEAK, using a whole RANGE of skills. You’ll have your UPS AND DOWNS but as long as you’re not STONED, it’ll be a real CLIFF HANGER of an event.

    When you GET UP in the morning, it’ll be the HEIGHT of expectation, or indeed, of the EXPEDITION and is definitely SUMMIT new, as they say up “North”. You’ll see a fantastic V I S T A (oops, sorry, I swore !!?) as long as you don’t have your HEAD IN THE CLOUDS, and wear DESCENT clothing.

    Finally, I hope your recent training has enabled you to get a FOOT HOLD on your fitness, stopping your muscles getting a CRAMP-ON, otherwise you won’t have a leg to stand on, and will be left out on a limb. ‘Armless, I know, but that’s the wrist you take !!! This goes hand-in-hand with my main body of text.

    The very BEST of luck and support to you and your buddies, Guy. It’s a fantastically worthy cause, close to ALL our hearts, unfortunately, in so many ways, and I know it’s a personal, phenomenal challenge for yourself as a desk-working genius.

    Go, Tomsy, Go. We’re with you ALL, all the way… metaphorically, of course… There’s a good film on the telly at the moment… Oh, sorry ! (Focus, Mart).

    Enjoy it; The camaraderie, the thrills, the views, the laughs, the agonising pains, the mutual mental & physical support and the healthy exhaustion, but, MOST OF ALL…

    S T A Y S A F E …

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