Car Scratch (20/Sep/08)

I had a small scrape against a stealthed rock which I assumed the car hire company wouldn’t be too impressed with:

The scrape on our car

The scrape on our car

They actually were very understanding and just told me “don’t worry about it” – I therefore rate Alamo very highly and will hire from them again if I get the chance. The funny thing about the rock I reversed into was that I tripped over it while going to see what I had hit. It therefore put a hole in the car and my leg, Doh!

A hole in my leg (and the car)

A hole in my leg (and the car)

Our “holy” car was a nice drive – It was a hybrid, which I’d read about but thought was quite futuristic and didn’t expect to get. It did 50MPG which probably saved us quite a bit of dosh seeing we did an average of 100 miles a day.

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  1. Martin

    Oh dear, oh dear… Looks like you were BOTH stoned, one way or another!!! It’s amazing where those meteor rocks land; And they’re getting “boulder” all the time.

    I’m glad you didn’t have a battle with the Alamo… I know you would’ve “fort” for justice. It sounds like a bit of a “mission” to me.

    [Beginning to see how you’ve broken bones in both legs in the past, now].

    Put your best (undamaged) foot forward.

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