Kitchen worktop, Hob and Sink (September/2005)

We decided we’d go the extra mile and get a real granite worktop because we couldn’t resist the shiny bits of pearl sparkling in the light.
Once the worktop was fitted we got a plumber to fit a sink and a tap that we bought on ebay. We got our gas-hob plumbed in and went and bought a nice big fridge-freezer.

There’s more to do but at least the kitchen is now functional and we can stop living off of microwave meals.

4 responses to “Kitchen worktop, Hob and Sink (September/2005)”

  1. Abmar

    Hi Tom,

    I like your worktop… Nice undermounted sink too!

    Just a quick question – what type of granite is it, is it Emerald or Blue Pearl?

    Take care,


  2. admin

    It’s Blue Pearl.

  3. Abmar

    Hi Tom,

    Thanks for getting back to me..

    I love Blue Pearl – Do you like travertine – I know it’s not granite and is Limestone, but I just wondered what you thought?

    Take care,

    Andy 😉

  4. admin

    Yep, I love travertine. We used it all over the upstairs bathroom .

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