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Don’t Make Me Think (Steve Krung)

Web Usability, 9/10 – November 2008 It’s strange how much you can learn when common sense concepts are explicitly pointed out. This book is short and easy to read because it uses very simple language but it taught me (a new web developer) a lot. My favourite points: Steve Krung’s Law of Usability – User’s […]

Our horrid original carpet

Finished the Dining room floor

In my last week before starting my new job we laid our dining room wood floor: Before: After: It took 6 days, £600 and a lot of hammering and sawing. It’s a bit creaky and the room now has a echo but I like it much better than before. I just hope it doesn’t buckle […]

Squeezebox Boom

Squeezebox Boom

I grew to hate our bedroom Hi-Fi because it was so bright at night and also sometimes made an annoying buzz and have wanted to replace it for while. I used Ebay to sell the Legatto II for £190 and buy the Squeezebox Boom for £170 as a replacement. The Boom doesn’t have as big […]

Animal Ass Coat Hooks

Did I chop Cypher in half and mount her better end on the wall while Kix was out? No, I put up some unusual coat hooks:

Gnome Cat Brush

To further prove our cat is a geek, her brush has the Gnome Logo on it! I have also realised that Cypher is a good Halloween cat seeing as she’s black and witch-like:

New release of Ubuntu – “Intrepid Ibex”

I upgraded to the new Ubuntu 8.10 release and found it included a few improvements. These are some of my favourite: Nautilus now has tabs so you can middle-click folders to open them in a new tab. The included version of F-Spot has had a bug fixed so it now correctly imports comment metadata from […]

Introducing Cypher, Our New Cat (Family++)

The bad news is that we’ve got a cat. The good news is that it’s a geek like us. She’s called Cypher (“Cypher Tarball Fotherby” in full) and cost £50 from a RSPCA rescue home. She’s already spayed and chipped but we need to get her some injections before she can go outside.