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Asus Eee-PC 900 – 3/Sep/08

This laptop can be summed up in one word: “Cute”. It’s just perfect for traveling: 9 inch screen Weights only 1KG Solid-state disk drive (very bump/knock resistant) Wi-Fi Built in camera for Skyping Card Reader so you can store holiday snaps. I bought this laptop for two reasons, firstly to help plan our road trip […]

Fothofax v0.41 (Oct/08)

Seeing as I have needed to organise my time more than usual lately (because I have more of it!) I made an update to my calendaring software called FothoFax and released version 0.41. It now supports events that span multiple days and has the ability to colour the background of a day. Anniversaries are handled […]

Stitching Photos Together (16/Oct/08)

Hugin works like magic to stitch photos into a panoramic even without using a tripod. After doing the tutorial on the Hugin website, Kix used 3 photos to create this larger one: The funny thing is that, if you look closely, there is a man in the photo that appears twice! This is because he […]

Wildlife in the U.S.

We saw a lot of wildlife while in the US, it was one of the best things about our trip. Often the animals we saw were in their natural environment and protected from humans by the rules of the National Parks. These were our top five wildlife encounters: A Bob Cat in Yosemite Sea Lions […]

Scorpion Trail (Geoffrey Archer)

Fiction, 3/10 – October 2008 I read this because I had got though all the other books on my holiday. It seemed to be war based so I was hoping for something action packed. Unfortunately, it wasn’t packed with action and wasn’t gripping. The characters didn’t come alive for me and I didn’t find the […]