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Joy Luck Club (Amy Tan)

Fiction, 4/10 – June 2008 Perhaps this book was a bit too clever for me? I found following the several different characters hard and always assumed the relationship between them would either be explained or inter whine at the end. I was also aware of some more complex literature techniques being used that I’m sure […]

The Life of Pi (Yann Martel)

Fiction, 8/10 – June 2008 Firstly, I realised with a shock that this book wasn’t going to have a hint of mathematics in it but I got over the disappointment because I liked learning about Zoo keeping and I found a boy wanting to be in 3 religions funny. The extreme situation that the boy […]

Wedding Anniversary in Rome (10/June/2008)

I took Chloe to Rome for our “cotton” anniversary where we found some amazing piles of rubble. We walked for miles and miles admiring the very rich history of the place. One of the most striking features of the the city is that every other building is a church. We watched “Gladiator” in our hotel […]

Living Room (02/Jun/08)

We’ve finally finished the living room: Before: It is much more laptop and console friendly. It used to have 1 socket, now it’s got 10. It used to have 1 storage heater, now it’s got 2 central heating radiators. It used to have nicotine coloured wall-paper, now it’s got new plaster and fresh paint. Other […]