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His Dark Materials Trilogy (Philip Pullman)

Northern Lights Children’s Fiction, 8/10 – Dec/Jan 07/08 I love reading children’s books, you know you’re in for an adventure. I watched the movie at the cinema the same day that I finished the book – I can understand why they sweetened the ending because it’s horrible in the book. I find doing the comparisons […]

Cable Organiser Box (Jan/08)

We have a charging area in our house where the chargers for our phones, camera, Gameboy and Bluetooth stuff live. It’s always a mess of cables and adaptors so I decided to tidy it up. A bit blue peter – But it’s better than before: Before: After: 1) I bought a box from B&Q that […]

Sony Vaio Laptop – 15/Jan/08

I feel sad that I’ve finally replaced my old PC which my dad gave me as a 21st birthday present. It was just too sluggish, even for browsing the web. I bought a widescreen Sony Vaio. It’s interesting to compare the specs because it shows how much technology has advanced in the last 7 years: […]