Updated website (Jan 2007)

screenshot of this website I got bored of my old website and moved it to a blog. Blog’s are better for personal websites because once an entry is written it does not have to be kept up to date like a static page needs to. The entries don’t go out of date so much as become historical like a journal.

I don’t exactly know why I want to keep a blog. I think that I just like keeping records of things. I imagine myself as an old man going through it to help me to dredge up memories.

I’m using open-source software called wordpress for my blog. WordPress has the important modern features that my old site was missing, particularly a search box and a RSS feed. It makes it much easier for me to add content than a custom static website. It has themes to change the look of the site and it has plugins to change the functionality of the site.

Tech details: I’m still hosting the blog from my living room computer. A modest P4 1.4GHz machine with 512 MBs of RAM given to me by my dad for my 21st birthday. The current OS is Ubuntu 6.06 LTS running Apache 2.0.55 and mySQL 5.0.22.

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