Visual Traffic Simulation

  • Title: VISSIM (Visual Traffic Simulation)
  • Author: Tom Fotherby (See Homepage)
  • Date: 2002, MEng Student Individual Project.
  • Environment: Desktop and Web
  • License: GNU Public License
  • Programming Language: Java (11,000 lines)
  • Operating System: OS Independent (in theory)


This Webpage archives an my old 2002 Imperial College final year project. The final software exists in three forms:

  • VISSIM - A cross-platform Java 1.4 application.
  • VISSIM LITE - A cut-down version which runs in most web-browsers (see for yourself)
  • VISSIM APPLET - Small simulation animations (see example)

Executive Summary

The Visual Traffic Simulation project aimed to provide an implementation to approximate urban vehicle movement using a microscopic simulation approach. The development of a microscopic traffic simulator represented a double challenge: firstly traffic and network modelling and secondly how to embed the models in a software platform interfacing with the user in a friendly and efficient way.

This project has produced Java code that provides a way to model a road network and a graphical simulation for road traffic on the user-defined network. However, this software is only an academic exercise and is not a useful application in the real world. The project is over for me but the sourecode is available and the Object Oriented approach should enable you (if you're a Java programmer) to extend it to introduce more realistic behaviour, test new hypothesis about traffic or even to cut bits out to use in your own programs.


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