Digital Fortress (Dan Brown)

Thriller, 5/10 – September 2006

The notion that all codes are breakable (the make believe “Bergofsky’s Principle”) caused me to laugh out loud and continue to laugh the whole way through the book. What if the thing TRANSLTR is trying to decrypt is a random piece of junk?
The fictitious scalability of TRANSLTR (i.e. can crack a 64 “character” key in ten minutes and a 10,000 bit key in an hour lol 🙂 😀 hahahaha 😥 ) together with the ridiculous hacker attack at the end are pure humour.

Then I felt kind of bad ridiculing the books encryption facts because I guess any piece of fiction can’t live up to scrutiny from someone fascinated with the subject matter. The book was kind of fun actually.

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