History Matters (17th/October/2006)

The History Matters campaign logo The BBC are getting as many people as possible to submit a blog entry for today so it can be used as a historical record in the future. This is my entry:

Tuesday’s are the worst day of the week for me because I’m no longer rested from the weekend yet I still have 4 whole days to the next weekend. Plus, the canteen menu is always bad on Tuesdays. I shouldn’t complain though, work isn’t bad at the moment and there’s no other major drama’s in my life.
This project is trying to make me consider history but I tend to consider the future an awful lot more. On my hour-and-a-half commute by coach into work this morning I was considering “the Internet” and the computers that run it. I think the Internet is at the same stage that cars were in the 1920’s. Computers are only just at the start of their journey to make our lives easier.
When I got into work I got a decaf from the machine and sent a few emails. One to my little brother asking how his school project is going, one to my Uncle to wish him happy birthday and one to my wife to say thanks for doing all the washing last night. I got less than a quarter of what I wanted to do at work. I’m a software engineer and it’s often difficult to predict code-writing productivity. Even getting a twix from the vending machine (strictly illegal in my diet rule book) didn’t help me get more work done. So I left at 5.38pm and as usual, missed my coach by the skin of my teeth and had to wait in the new Heathrow central bus station that looks like the inside of a tape worm. The traffic was bad but I got to listen to the woman in front of me chat on her mobile about how she hates her boss. Eavesdropping into good gossip always helps pass the time especially as it’s just started being dark on the journeys home and the coach driver usually forgets to put the reading lights on.
On my walk home from Reading station I managed not to pass any drunks or beggars, I think the squatter house entrance at the bottom of Station Hill has been boarded up again. At the cattle market there was a show for miniature pony’s, I didn’t stop to take a good look but it cheers me up when something totally random happens.
My wife and I had a TV-diner (yesterdays warmed-up veggy butternut squash pasta), did some web-surfing and had a early night. Nice non-eventful days are my favourite although I’d liked to have had enough energy to get some DIY done.

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