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The Silver Chair (C.S.Lewis)

Fantasy, 7/10 – February 2006 This 6th adventure in Narnia is taken by Eustace from the last book and a new character called Jill Pole. They get a break from school and are given a task by Aslam. The children and the reader are taught that appearances can be deceptive and even those who look […]

Mario Kart DS

DS,Battle Racing,9/10 – January 2006 This is my first WIFI game. What this means is I can play 3 other REAL people from anywhere in my house. They might be in America, Europe, Mongolia, it doesn’t matter, what matters is that they are a so much more worthy and fun opponent than a AI simulation. […]

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (C.S.Lewis)

Fantasy, 8/10 – January 2006 This is the fifth out of the seven books that make up the chronicles of Narnia. It’s about an adventure made up of lots of really exciting little adventures all about Caspian going in search of his lost relatives. A Narnian take on Homer’s Odyssey. One of my favourite parts […]