Pattern Recognition (William Gibson)

Fiction, 8/10 – December 2005

This book is set in the present and is not sci-fi like I’m used to from Gibson. The main character, Cayce Pollard, is a rather odd fashion Guru capable of identifying any piece of clothing but so opinionated that she is actually physically allergic to some trademarks (e.g. the Michelin man). She is always tired, or in need of coffee and she is a footagehead (someone obsessed with film footage slowly being leaked onto the internet). She becomes involved with trying to find out the origin of the video.

The book is mainly based in London, with spot-on descriptions of the London culture. It must have been good if I enjoyed it yet have no interest whatsoever in fashion and clothing. I especially enjoyed the emails from Parkaboy who writes in a random comical style which I wish I could emulate.

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