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Hantario. (Died 31st August 2003)

We had a hamster called Hantario. He got this name from a mix up by Chloe’s brother of Hamtaro, a cartoon hamster. He’s now gone to the big cage in the sky but his memory lives on. RIP Hanty.

The House Of The Dead III

XBox,,5/10 – July 2003 You have to get a piece of the arcade game action now that it’s possible on a console, I mean it’s a way of saving money isn’t it? This was the first game on the XBox to come packaged with a light-gun (a MadCatz Blaster) which is the only way to […]

Why I don’t have a mobile phone

I don’t have a mobile phone yet and I often get asked why? I like being totally cut off from the world knowing that I can’t talk to anyone or anyone talk to me. I could get one and leave it off but then I may as well save money and not get one. Mobile […]

Necklace Mods (July 2003)

Rodrigo gave me the idea to make Chloe two necklaces out of a LED and a Capacitor:

Phantom Food

With a bit of imagination there’s loads of food one can enjoy on a diet. Welcome to the unreal meal: Breakfast: A Ethereal egg on ghost toast A Nothing muffin or a None bun (served with begone butter). or how about some Fantasy fruit? Lunch: A Fake steak with zip chips (or Mystical mash) A […]